New Publication by Bai Qu

Congratulations to Bai Qu on having her review paper published in Carbohydrate Polymer Technologies and Applications, a new Open Access journal companion to the well-established and prestigious journal Carbohydrate Polymers. The article entitled "A review on the preparation and characterization of chitosan-clay nanocomposite films and coatings for food packaging applications", provides an overview of fabrication methods that are specifically applied for the preparation of chitosan-clay nanocomposite films and coatings, and then summarizes the advances made in the most recent five years for their food packaging applications. Please read the article here.

Graphical Abstract

Graphical Abstract - Bai_CARPTA


  • Fabrication strategies of chitosan-clay nanocomposites within five years were summarized.
  • Food packaging applications of chitosan-clay nanocomposites were explicitly reviewed.
  • Nanocomposites with natural antimicrobials or metal (oxide) nanoparticles hold great potential in food packaging.
  • Migration probability of nanoclays from packaging into food should be studied in the future.