New Publication by Jingyi Xue

Congratulations to Jingyi Xue on having her research paper published in Food Hydrocolloids. The article, entitled "Development of novel biopolymer-based dendritic nanocomplexes for encapsulation of phenolic bioactive compounds: A proof-of-concept study", reports our research findings that demonstrate an innovative strategy to develop dendritic nanoparticles from food biopolymers without using organic solvents or synthetic chemical. The food biopolymers used in this study include phytoglycogen and zein, carbohydrate and protein respectively, both from corn. Antimicrobial phytochemicals are encapsulated into such nanoparticles which exhibited significantly improved bioactivity, including higher antioxidant activity and stronger antibacterial efficacy against foodborne human pathogens. The potential of these nanocomplexes as carriers for lipophilic and phenolic antimicrobial compounds opens up new avenues for nanotechnology enabled approaches to ensure food safety and quality. Please read the article here.

Graphical Abstract

Graphical Abstract - Jingyi_062021


  • PG was modified with valeric acid by esterification without altering its morphology.
  • Solubilization of zein was optimized by time and temperature in alkaline condition.
  • Zein hydrolysates and phenolic compounds were successfully complexed with modified PG.
  • The aqueous dispersibility and antioxidant activity of two essential oils were improved.
  • Significantly stronger antimicrobial activity was observed after encapsulation.