In addition to the state-of-the-art facilities and equipment at NUSC department and Institute of Materials Science (IMS), Dr. Luo's laboratory is equipped with a wide range of instruments for multidisciplinary research projects and applications, including food chemistry and engineering, nanotechnology, materials characterization, etc. If you are interested in learning more about our facilities, please email Dr. Luo with your queries. We welcome collaborations.


Atomic Force Microscope: Anton Paar TOSCA

  • Contact Mode & Tapping Mode
  • Force Distance Curve
  • Contact Resonance Amplitude Imaging
  • Electrostatic Force Microscopy
  • Magnetic Force Microscopy
  • Kelvin Probe Microscopy
  • Conductive AFM
MCR 302

Modular Compact Rheometer: Anton Paar MCR-302

  • Low viscosity samples (low protein solution)
  • Low volume measurement (40 μL: animal blood)
  • Interfacial rheology test (biofilms, emulsions, etc.)
  • Tribology study - mouthfeel sensation, texture
  • Precise temperature control (-20 to 200 Celsius)
Nano Spray Dyer

Nano Spray Dryer: Buchi B-90

  • Uniform particle generation
  • Sub-micron sized powders
  • Tunable size via high frequency vibrational mesh
  • Low sample volume (~ 20 mL)
  • Low concentration sample (0.5 mg/mL)

ZetaSizer: Malvern Nano ZS-90

    • Size measurement 0.3 nm - 10 micron
    • Zeta potential measurement
    • Molecular weight measurement
    • Wide range of sample concentrations

    LM10 Microfluidizer: High-Shear Fluid Processor

      • Ceramic Internation Chamber
      • Cooling coil & bath assembly
      • Minimum sample size: 30 mL
      • Flow rate up to 600 mL/min
      • Pressure range up to 23,000 psi
      • Continuous processing and high yields
      • Unmatched particle/droplet size-reduction
      Texture Analyzer

      Texture Analyzer: Stable Micro Systems TA.XT plusC

      • Adhesiveness, firmness, swelling, tear strength
      • Extensibility, disintegration, relaxation
      • Break strength, stiffness, spreadability, flexibility
      • Hardness, cohesion, peel strength, tackiness
      • Brittleness, tensile strength, elastic modulus, compressibility
      • 2kg and 5kg loadcell for measuring a variety of samples
      High Speed Centrifuge

      Superspeed Centrifuge: Sorvall LYNX 6000

        • Max. speed: 29,000 rpm
        • Max. RCF: 100,605 xg
        • Capacity: 5 mL, 15 mL, 50 mL
        • Temperature control: -20 to 40 celcius

        Fluorescence Spectrophotometry LS-55: PerkinElmer

        • 3D excitation/emission, synchronous, and kinetic scanning
        • Single- and multiple-wavelength kinetics
        • High sensitivity and easy measurement
        Plate reader

        Multi-Mode Microplate Reader Synergy H1: BioTek

          • UV-visible absorbance and luminescence
          • Top and bottom fluorescence intensity
          • Monochromator-base optics for flexibility
          • Filter-based optics for sensitivity
          • Temperature control with shaking

          FTIR Spectrometer: Nicolet™ iS™ 5

            • Temperature controlled solid-state near-IR diode laser
            • Attenuated total reflectance for quick and easy testing
            • Industry-leading OMNIC software for data analysis
            Environmental Chamber

            Environmental Chamber: Binder KBFP 720

              • Temperature range: 0 to +70 °C (+10 to +60 °C with light)
              • Humidity range: 10 to 80% RH
              • Positionable illumination cassettes with UV/Vis light source
              • Door heating function to minimize temp. fluctuation
              • Stainless steel inner chambers and racks

              Rotational Viscometer


              Probe Sonicator

              Probe Sonicator

              Nitrogen Evaporator

              Nitrogen Evaporator