New Publication by Bai Qu

Congratulations to Bai Qu on having her first research paper published in Food Chemistry, a prestigious journal in the field of food science. The article, entitled "Self-assembled caseinate-laponite® nanocomposites for curcumin delivery", described a novel method to prepare a self-assembled protein-nanoclay system for curcumin delivery. The as-prepared sodium caseinate-laponite (NaCas-LAP) composites were characterized for colloidal properties and encapsulation capabilities, as well as antioxidant activities. Please read the article here.

Graphical Abstract

Graphical Abstract - Bai


  • Curcumin was encapsulated in NaCas-LAP nanocomposites.
  • NaCas chains intercalated into the LAP layers and LAP was largely exfoliated.
  • pH adjustment and addition of LAP induced the re-arrangement of NaCas molecules.
  • Particle size decreased and encapsulation efficiency increased after addition of LAP.
  • Curcumin encapsulated in nanocomposites showed improved antioxidant activity.