Our research is highly interdisciplinary and we apply materials science and engineering principles to understand physical and chemical interactions among various natural biomaterials at nanoscale and design novel nanostructures for various applications in food, nutrition, and agriculture.

Liposomes for encapsulation and targeted delivery of nucleic acids


Nanotechnology for improving food safety and quality


Chitosan-based porous hydrogels for wastewater treatment

Hydrogels for wastewater treatment

Green chemistry based extraction and purification of chitin via biorefinery of seafood shell waste

Biorefinery of seafood shell waste

Encapsulation technologies for enhancing nutritional values of pet food

Encapsulation technology for pet food

Fabrication of nanocomposites with ionic liquid for antimicrobial food packaging

Nanocomposites for food packaging

Plant-based high internal phase Pickering emulsions as alternatives to animal fat

HIPEs as fat alternatives

Application of machine learning for monitoring for food safety and quality

Machine learning for food safety

Hydrogel-based cultivation substrates for growing microgreens towards safe and sustainable agriculture

Hydrogel for growing microgreens