07/2023: IAFP 2023 Annual Meeting at Toronto, Canada, July 15-19

Group photo – Luo Lab

IAFP group photo

Chengyang, Sunni, Honglin, Tiangang (He Lab)

Chenyang, Sunni, Honglin, Tiangang

Chenyang presenting her poster

Chenyang presenting her poster

Photo with Abhi Lab

Photo with Luo and Abhi Lab

Bai presenting her poster

Bai presenting her poster

Hotpot with Dr. Shen (West Virginia University)

Photo with Dr. Shen family
05/27/2023: Lab Gathering
At the end of the Spring semester of 2023, we gathered together at Dr. Luo's house to celebrate our achievements and get ready for the summer!
04/2021: ACS Spring 2021 National Meeting & Exposition
During ACS Spring 2021 National Meeting & Exposition (virtual), Jingyi Xue showcased her research findings on the development of novel nanocarriers via an oral and a poster presentations.
04/13/2021 & 04/14/2021: CAHNR Annual Graduate Student Research Forum
Each year during the spring semester, the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources sponsors a Graduate Student Research Forum. This event is an opportunity for graduate students to present their research, sharpen their skills, and compete for prizes. The 2021 event were held on Tuesday, April 13 and Wednesday, April 14. Jingyi presented a research seminar (oral) titled "Development of novel biopolymer-based dendritic nanocomplexes for encapsulation of phenolic bioactive compounds". Bai presented a poster titled "Caseinate-laponite nanocomposites as potential nutrient delivery vehicles".
2021 Research Forum_Jingyi Oral 1
2021 Research Forum_Jingyi Oral 3
2021 Research Forum_Jingyi Oral 2
2021 Research Forum_Jingyi Oral 4
Research Forum_Bai Poster
09/27/2019: Wusigale - Farewell Party
After one-year visit, Wusigale departed for Jiangnan University (China) on 10/5/2019. Wish you all the best on finishing your PhD program and continuing your academic adventure as a rising-star! We appreciated you staying with us and already started missing you.
Farewell party for Wusigale
From left to right (bottom photo): Jingyi Xue, Bai Qu, Yangchao Luo, Erika Fleming, Wusigale, Zhenshun Li.
09/09/2019: Lab Gathering
Lab Gathering - 9-2019
From left to right: Jingyi Xue, Bai Qu, Yangchao Luo, Qiaobin Hu, Erika Fleming, Wusigale, Zhenshun Li.
07/19/2019: Qiaobin Hu - Doctoral Defense and Farewell Party

Wish you all the best on your faculty position at Nanjing University of Finance and Economics. You will be missed!

07/14/2019 - 07/19-2019: Pre-College Summer Program

Food Science & Technology

Understanding the science and technology behind food products helps us to make healthy food choices. Not only does this translate to our everyday lives, but it can also pave the way to an interesting career path that combines science, nutrition, healthy safety and best of all, food. The field of food science and technology includes food microbiology and safety, food quality assurance, food engineering and technology, food chemistry, product and formulation development, food packaging, sensory evaluation, food marketing, and food regulations.

This course is composed of in-class lectures and hands-on laboratory experiments to help students turn their knowledge of the principles of food science into practices as a food scientist. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to make healthy food choices by understanding scientific principles behind food preparation and processing.

06/14/2019: Taoran Wang - Doctoral Defense and Farewell Party

Wish you all the best on your post-doctoral training at the Oregon State University. You will be missed!

06/04/2019: IFT Conference @ New Orleans
05/22/2019: Gattefossé Seminar @ Boston
Seminar @ Boston - 05-2019
From left to right: Yangchao Luo, Taoran Wang, Jingyi Xue, Wusigale.
05/02/2019: Lab Gathering
Lab Gathering - 5-2019
From left to right: Yangchao Luo, Syed Naqvi, Yuhao Chen, Qiaobin Hu, Nikolas Rodriguez, Saifei Xi, Jingyi Xue, Wusigale, Erika Fleming, Taoran Wang, Justine Inzero.
04/20/2017: Lab Gathering
Lab Gathering - 4-2017
From left to right: Keiona Khen, Erika Fleming, Hannah Gerhard, Saifei Xi, Lorrin Liang, Yangchao Luo, Taoran Wang, Jingyi Xue, Mingyong Zhou, Qiaobin Hu.
01/16/2017: Lab Gathering
Lab Gathering - 1-2017
From left to right: Yangchao Luo, Chao Chang, Taoran Wang, Qiaobin Hu, Mingyong Zhou, Jingyi Xue.
07/18/2016: IFT Conference @ Chicago
IFT - 07-2016
From left to right: Yangchao Luo, Jingyi Xue, Taoran Wang, Mingyong Zhou, Qiaobin Hu.
08/21/2015: New Lab and Group Members
New Lab - 08-2015
From left to right: Mingyong Zhou, Taoran Wang, Jingyi Xue, Hannah Gerhard, Qiaobin Hu, Yangchao Luo, Siqi Hu.