New Publication by Wusigale

Congratulations to Wusigale on publishing a new research paper in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, from the research during her visit at UConn. The article entitled "Partition and stability of folic acid and caffeic acid in hollow zein particles coated with chitosan" reports a study on the preparation of chitosan-coated hollow zein particles using calcium phosphate as a sacrificing template for co-encapsulation of folic acid and caffeic acid. Partition, photostability, and antioxidant capacity of bioactive compounds were comprehensively studied. Findings in this study shed some light on the design of carriers for co-delivery of hydrophilic compounds in acidic condition. Read the article here.

Graphical Abstract

Graphical Abstract - Wusigale


  • Chitosan-coated hollow zein particles (CS-HZ) were templated by calcium phosphate.
  • Folic acid (FA) complexed to chitosan and then coated on the zein particles.
  • Caffeic acid (CA) was encapsulated in the hollow core of CS-HZ.
  • Co-encapsulation of FA and CA in particles improved their photostability.
  • Encapsulation partially masked the antioxidant activity of CA.