New Publication by Taoran Wang

Congratulations to Taoran Wang on having her review article published in Nano Research, one of the most prestigious journals in the field of nanotechnology. The article entitled "Fabrication strategies and supramolecular interactions of polymer-lipid complex nanoparticles as oral delivery systems" aims to provide an overview of the various preparation strategies and supramolecular interactions of orally administered polymer-lipid complex nanoparticles by reviewing recent studies. Read the article here.

Graphical Abstract

Nano Research


To better address the challenge during oral delivery, polymer-lipid complex nanoparticles are being explored and developed to merge the beneficial features and compensate the shortcomings of lipid-based and polymer-based nanoparticles. While the lipidic component increases the loading efficiency and compatibility of encapsulated cargos (especially hydrophobic cargos) in digestion system, the polymer part helps to improve the stability and permeation of the whole system.